Premium content is no longer limited to TV. Our content owning partners trust us to grow their online audience and revenues while protecting their content from piracy and unauthorized usage

Producers Services

Going viral doesn't have to mean losing your rights anymore. With our advanced rights management tools licensed exclusively to Diwan we now have you covered. Our dedicated team for content monitoring makes sure all usage policies are in place and all your rights conflicts are swiftly resolved.

Our direct sales team helps you bring sponsors to your channels and digital productions. With a strong network and strong relations with brands and advertisers we guarantee your content is positioned among the top commercial content in the market.

Diwan partners with all platforms and we grow our clients assets on them all. Audience move from one platform to another however your content will always be their favorite to watch where they go because you will always be one steam ahead of everyone else.

Now you can track your payments through Diwan's dashboard designed to keep you aware of all due payments and transactions history.

A team of certified account manager and operations team assures best service quality to our clients from content ingestion to setting strategies to reporting. We always happy to hear your plans, worries, and we work hard to keep you satisfied on all frontiers.

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Case Studies


Emaar With Qomrah

Qomrah - YouTube


Multiple Sponsorships With Zee Mawhebtak

Zee Mawhebtak - Facebook


Coca-Cola With Fil Sekka Dih

Fil Sekka Dih - Facebook


Pepsi With Al Bernameg

Al Bernameg - YouTube

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